In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Decisions When Undergoing IVF Treatment

In last Sunday’s NY Times style section, Carla Naumburg had a short piece about the stress of having to make  so many decisions when undergoing IVF treatment. One of the hardest decisions was whether to transfer 1 or 2 embryos into her uterus. Although she desperately wanted to get pregnant and  was aware of the increase chance by placing 2 embryos into the uterus , she chose to have 1 embryo transferred and the remaining embryos cryopreserved. She was fortunate to conceive with this fresh cycle as well as a frozen embryo transfer cycle. Her 2 daughters are now 3 and 4; she is now faced with the difficult decision what to do with her remaining embryos.

Her article as well as the blogs that follow show that not only is the treatment stressful, but even making the decisions about the treatment can be very difficult. I think that all patients undergoing infertility treatment would benefit from reading this article; you are not alone struggling over these decisions.
At FCNE, the physicians help guide patients toward their own best answer, but ultimately, as Ms. Naumburg reveals, the patient needs to make those tough choices. For the full article, click here.