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September 9


Meet Jason!

It was pretty crazy how it all happened. On the 29th of August, I started having contractions around 7:30 AM. I was hoping they were Braxton Hicks, but I quickly realized they were the real deal. Ben was still in NYC and due to come home on 9/4, but our baby was not going to wait! When I got up to maternity, the doctor asked me if I wanted an epidural, and I said "Yes please!" As she examined me, though, she told me that I was fully dilated, thinned out and she could see the the baby had a lot of hair. No time for an epidural! I pushed for 10 minutes and he was born.

Because everything happened so quickly, no one made it to the hospital to be with me, but the nurses were all great. My sister arrived a few minutes after he was born, and Ben got to the hospital a couple hours later.

We are enjoying him so much! I am breastfeeding, and he has been eating a lot (about every 2 hours). So sleep is at a minimum! But I enjoy every minute with him. He is very alert and strong, and can already hold up his head. I am thankful that I have such a beautiful little boy. He is just perfect. We both feel truly blessed and now feel like our family is complete.

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