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April 25

I’m 19 weeks! We’re going for an ultrasound to check in our on baby to make sure everything is perfect.

We are so excited to find out the baby’s gender, so hopefully he or she will cooperate with us! My plan is to have the ultrasound technician circle the gender on a card and seal it. Ben is away for work, so my plan is to open the card over Facetime so we can find out together at the same time. He comes home in a week or two but I don’t think we’ll be able to stand waiting that long!

I feel great, and am doing a light and approved prenatal workout routine on DVD. I’m usually not great at those types of workouts, and prefer to run outside whenever possible. Running can wait until after the baby is born though!

The weeks are flying by and I know before we know it we’ll be holding our baby and singing his or her name. It’s an incredible feeling of excitement and anticipation for the first time we’ll get to meet face to face!

19 Weeks

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