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Working Conditions Can Affect Fertility and Pregnancy

A recent study from the Netherlands by Burdorf A, et al. published December, 2010 in Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that pesticides and phthalates (chemicals used to make plastic, paint, glue, flooring materials, upholstery, and perfumes) had an effect on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Study participants self-reported exposure to chemical agents, light lifting, prolonged sitting , and prolonged standing. The data were adjusted for age, education, minority, parity, smoking, and alcohol use. Neither prolonged standing nor sitting nor regularly lifting heavy loads greater than 55 pounds had an adverse effect on fertility or pregnancy. Self-reported exposure to chemicals was also not associated with an adverse outcome. However, women exposed in manufacturing involving the use of phthalates took a longer time to become pregnant, and women who were regularly exposed to pesticides had babies with lower birth weights