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What to Look for in an IVF Laboratory

The IVF Laboratory is one of the most important components of a successful IVF program and Fertility Center.

The IVF Laboratory should be directed by an onsite PhD with special training in human embryology as verified by HCLD licensure. The laboratory should be staffed by experienced embryologists who have knowledge not only of the biology but the clinical aspect of your care. The laboratory should have a proven track record of excellent success as measured by making healthy babies one at a time. The laboratory should have detailed processes, procedures, and checklists in place for continuing quality control and should be certified by The College of American Pathologists, which will also give the laboratory license to do diagnostic testing in Andrology.

You need an IVF Laboratory that operates full time, 7 days a week to take care of your eggs, sperm, and embryos. The IVF Laboratory must also be a full service laboratory offering not only basic IVF, but it should have the ability to do more complicated laboratory procedures including embryo biopsy for PGD and PGS, and egg freezing. What if the day of your egg retrieval, your partner is unable to produce a sperm sample? If the laboratory is proficient in egg freezing, your IVF cycle is not lost.

Make sure that when choosing a Fertility Center, the IVF Laboratory is a full time, full service, IVF Laboratory run by a PhD, HCLD which will ensure you having your best chance for a healthy baby.